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Frequently Asked Questions

What Comes in the Envelope?

Stickers. Assorted Ark Stickers!

All the stickers you see above are included in each order.

There will also be a one-page document explaining what Ark is, so, you can use this form to give someone else some stickers and show them what Ark is and does with said document. The document is on Ark technology and goals and will not contain financial or investment advice. The information is freely attainable online and the document will not contain any privileged or "special info."

I live in (country name), will you mail stickers there?

If you submit any mailing address in the world, I will put that exact address onto the envelope, pay the appropriate postage, and drop it in the mail. How long it takes to get there and where it is at any given moment will be unknown, though.

What if the stickers get lost in the mail?

Maybe it's just taking a long time to get there, but the stickers are sent out without tracking numbers and with simple stamps. So perhaps there is a small chance they get lost in the mail. But because there is no tracking, it can't be proven that the stickers never showed up. So, you will be assuming all risk regarding stickers getting lost in the mail. You can pay again and perhaps use a different address just in case that was the issue. Mention what you think is going on in the special comments, and I'll include more stickers the second time around, to help. I always use correct postage when mailing the stickers.

Do you send out the stickers right away?

To save time, I process sticker packs in batches, and batch processing time varies based on volume.

How do I get in touch with you?

You can send an email to [email protected] but responses will be slow, as we are talking about stickers and not liver transplants.

You can also tweet directly at @ArkStickers!

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Please place country name on last line of mailing address!

Please place country name on last line of mailing address!